Friday, August 22, 2008

Smelly People

I had 3 different people come into the bank today who smelled SOOOO badly. I couldn't tell if it was B/O or if they'd been smoking cigarettes or what, but it was naaaaasty. Now, if it had been 1 person, I could have shrugged it off as just a person being unusually smelly. But 3? No, that's pregnancy. :-) Maybe 1 of them was particularly smelly, but the other ones probably were not--and I just smelled them because my nose is overactive. But good grief! I thought I was going to pass out!

Also, I had THE MOST BIZARRE dream last night. When I'm not pregnant I probably dream less than once a week, but since I've become pregnant I've had at least 3 very weird dreams. In the first one, my husband was trying to divorce me, G-d forbid, and I know that would never happen and it was very strange. In the second one, I was trying to go back to college to get a degree in music (at the college I did actually graduate from) and my middle school music teacher (who is THE BEST music teacher EVER and who now lives in Colorado) was teaching there. (In response to hearing about this dream, my mom said, "Of course you wanted to go back to school...Mr. Ramsey was teaching!") lol In the third dream (the one I had last night), I was having an affair with someone I knew in high school, G-d forbid, which is again something that would never, ever happen and was incredibly bizarre. This is just to show you how bizarre pregnancy dreams are. Although that music dream isn't too bizarre because I've had ones like it...but the other ones were pretty shocking to me. I'd much prefer having nice dreams about my husband...use your imagination on that one. ;-)
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