Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Day(s)

My poor hubby has a terrible cold, so he stayed home from work yesterday and today. His nose is all stuffed and runny, and he's starting to cough. :-( Unfortunately, decongestants make him jittery and benadryl makes him drunk/sleepy, but he's been so miserable that he's taking cold medicine anyway. Not that it's really helping, but I think he might be getting at least a few hours of sleep.

He'd better not get me sick! Even though I wouldn't have to take time off from work, I do not need a head cold on top of being pregnant. It seems as though the whole world is sick, too. I've noticed many of my bloggie friends are suffering this week, and apparently everyone at shul has a cold too (which is probably how my husband got sick in the first place). Ahh well, nothing I can do about it now!

Two of my friends came over today for a visit, and one of them brought her 1-month-old! He is the cutest. It was so nice to have company for a little while, and they even brought me flowers! The friend w/o the baby has been so amazing arranging meals for us and transportation for me to get to and from doctor appointments and ultrasounds. I am soooo lucky.

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Stacie said...

Hope your husband is feeling better soon and that you manage to avoid whatever he has!

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ssbean said...

I hope your hubby feels better soon and you don't get sick. Decongestants make me gittery too, but also with high blood pressure it's not the best thing for me. I do fine with benadryl and night quil. Maybe he could try the decongestant with the heart...maybe it wouldn't have as much affect on him. Have him gargle with hot salt water and/or drink hot tea. A bunch of Vitamin C.

Jewels said...

I hope you dont get sick, I've managed to skim pass all these colds flying around here, I just had that stomach bug that one day. ((knock on wood)) It was enough for me.

Celia said...

If you have a humidifier, Vicks makes this great stuff you can put in the well and it makes this awesome steam.

Also you might try slapping some Vicks Vaporub on his feet and then putting a pair of heavy socks on him.

Also, they have these things called Shower Soothers that you drop in the shower and inhale.

The Captain's Wife said...

I have been my healthiest this whole pregnancy! DH has had several colds, as have my employees and peers at work. People all around me have been SO SO sick..but I have been so healthy! (knock on wood)

I hope that you are lucky enough to have a super power immune system like me for the remainder of your pregnancy....