Sunday, January 11, 2009

Irritable Uterus

I went for my ultrasound on Friday and they found that my cervix is down to 1.4cm--not as good as two weeks ago. So, they wanted to make sure that I wasn't contracting and sent me to labor & delivery for monitoring. I had the contraction monitor (long with two heartbeat monitors) connected for nearly 3 hours! They also did a urine sample and a vaginal swab. I have no clue what they were looking for, but who am I to argue? On the monitor they could see little blips. They said it wasn't "contractions" but really just "uterine activity". I couldn't feel the blips, so that's a good sign. However, having uterine activity is not a good thing. They thought that maybe I was dehydrated, so they gave me a full pitcher of water and said "drink up"! lol They tried to give me an IV with fluids also, but it wasn't put in properly and all of that good saline went straight into my arm and puffed it all up. Not a great feeling...and it lasted all that day until the next morning when my body finally had absorbed it all--or at least enough to make it not hurt. Luckily they sent me home before Shabbos. *whew*

On another note, I gained like 5 pounds in 3 days...I hate when that happens and hope it goes away before my Wednesday weight check. I will not be happy to see the look on the nurse's face if I weigh 165 on Wed. I can't even imagine where it's coming from, because there's no way I eat enough calories to gain that much weight. It's just not possible. Seriously, I'd have to be eating bags of cookies and entire pies to make that kind of weight gain, and I haven't had any desserts except dried fruit. Whoop-di-do. If I'm going to gain weight like this, I at least want to have gotten a nice big piece of cake or an enormous ice cream sundae out of the deal. :-)

Big congrats to Nancy who had her baby boy yesterday! Baby is great; mommy is recovering from blood loss, but is still blogging (so that's a good sign). Head on over and give her a mazal tov. ;-)
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