Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthing Class #1

I think my husband may be scarred for life. He tried to not watch during the "gory parts" of the birthing video, but I think he caught a little of it. Now that he knows where babies come out of, he's wondering how in the heck it's possible. lol And I get to do it twice in a row! I told him he really doesn't have to watch the "gory parts" of my delivery. I think if he did he'd never want to make love to me again and that's no good at all. The twins were kicking up a storm during the video too. I think it freaked them out. "You mean I have to do WHAT?? I'll get squished! You must be joking..." The rest of the class was great too. Very informative and I think my husband learned TONS about labor and delivery. Hopefully he won't listen to anything I say during transition. His feelings get hurt easily, so if I call him names, he'll pout and be all upset about it. And that's why I'm getting a doula! So she can help me through the pain, and hopefully I won't say anything mean to the hubby. :-)

I'm still on the doula search. I've interviewed a bunch and so far no one has struck me as perfect. One lady was very sweet, but old enough to be my grandma--waaaay too weird. Most are old enough to be my mom, and that's pretty weird too. I'm hoping to get someone who is in her 20's even if it means she doesn't have as much experience. I mean it's not like she's delivering the babies, she's just helping with the pain and being overall supportive. And if she can do that, why do I need someone older with 15 or 20 years of experience? I did find someone whose fee is only $400 and she sounds young over the phone, so I'm hoping we click well. My goal is to pick someone by the end of January, and I think that is 100% doable.
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