Monday, January 12, 2009

Double Digits

For anyone who's glanced at my ticker today, I'm officially in double digits! Only 99 days to go until my due date! Mind you I'll probably give birth in March, but that doesn't change my due date. I also can't believe that 3rd trimester is right around the corner. It feels almost like a dream!

Back at Friday's ultrasound they estimated the babies' weights to be 1lb 11oz and 1lb 12oz, which is actually more than the average for 25 1/2 weeks. Obviously these weights are really estimations, but it still makes me feel good--especially since they're twins and generally twins are smaller than average. The doctor said that they're in the 45th percentile (or something like that), which is great. Although I, who only thinks of percentiles in reference to school grades, wonder why they're not in the 95th percentile. :-) Actually, I can't expect that. According to my mother I was always off the charts in terms of height--below zero. lol (She never told me where I was on the charts for weight, though.)

My belly button is going flat. In certain positions it even is pooking outward, but in others it goes in a teensy weensy bit. Let me tell you, belly button skin is SOOOOO soft. It is really weird to have it go flat, even though I can still tell where it is because of how it's shaped. I showed it to my best friend Melanie when she was here yesterday and she thought it was funny. She almost had trouble distinguishing it from the little mole I have next to my belly button. Actually, speaking of Melanie, I have a really funny story to relate.

Melanie and I ordered kosher Chinese food last night (and pork is not kosher and would never be found in a kosher restaurant). Melanie is not Jewish, but she also doesn't eat pork--except in peking ravioli. So we were looking at the menu online and she said she was going to get an order of the peking ravioli. We were then discussing what I should get and she said, "why don't you get something with beef in it". I replied, "Why not chicken? You're getting the peking ravioli..." She said, "well peking ravioli is made with pork, but I eat it and pretend it's not." And I said, "uhhh Melanie, it's not going to be pork..." She was like, "Oh right! That's great! Now I don't have to pretend it's beef!" lol Silly Melanie.
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