Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Decision

Ok everyone, it's time for you to help me pick my doula. I am SOOO conflicted. I've narrowed it down to two, but I honestly can't choose. All comments are very, very welcome so I can hopefully pick one by tomorrow evening. Here goes...

Doula A:

  • Very experienced (been a doula since 1995, served as assistant director of ALACE, teaches classes to other doulas, etc.)
  • Trained massage therapist
  • Lactation counselor
  • Been interviewed in pregnancy/parenting magazines & has even written a book on childbirth
  • Her voice is very relaxing
  • Came to interview very well prepared with materials for me to read and questions to ask my doctor
  • Has done twin births
  • Relatively close to my age (30's)

  • Cons:
  • Very expensive ($1300)
  • Only does 1 prenatal & 1 postpartum visit
  • Has a very short & generalized doula contract

  • Doula B:

  • Very inexpensive ($400-$500)
  • Does 3-4 prenatal & 2-3 postpartum visits
  • Has a long & detailed doula contract
  • Came to interview well prepared with resume
  • Close to my age (23)

  • Cons:
  • Not much experience (no births yet in Massachusetts, only been a doula for a short period of time)
  • Has never done a twin birth
  • No references (because her previous doula work was done while employed by a hospital where HIPAA laws apply)

  • The cost factor is a huge issue. Is it worth it for me to spend about 3x as much for a more experienced doula? What if I need to have an epidural & C-Section anyway? I can appeal to my insurance company to see if they'll cover some of the cost, but there are no guarantees there. I like the fact that Doula B is close to my age, and I respect the fact that she's just starting out and needs to have birth experience in order to get more clients. I would love to give her that chance, because I understand how it would feel to be in her position. She's also originally from the Rochester area. :-) But on the other hand, Doula A knows more than Doula B just by having so much more time at the job. I mean, she gives classes to other doulas and writes books! I am SO conflicted! Please help!


    Celia said...

    I think you need to go with the one that has done twin births before. If that was not an issue, I would prefer the other person.

    Mo and Will said...

    I'd go with Doula A. When the going gets tough you're going to want someone there who's got lots of experience, esp with twin births. Make friends with Doula B but hire Doula A would be my thought.

    Good luck!


    Monica Fayth said...

    This is a toughie. It sounds like Doula A is really good, but at 3 times the cost, that's a lot. Also if it were me and I was paying that much, I'd want more than just one visit. I know that price is a really big factor, so I would probably go with Doula B and hope it wasn't a matter of getting what you pay for. But I think you need to go with your gut on this one. Which one do you feel better about? I'll pray for you as you make this decision!

    margelina said...

    My opinion is that Doula A, though more expensive, would be a better pick. The fact that she has expierence with twin births is huge, because that's what you will be doing, and you'll most likely really need the support to make it through this twice. Doula B is most likely so much cheaper because of her lack of experience. You are only going to get to have this birthing experience once, and the time you are in labor is the most important part, where you are going to want the most qualified person to help you do this. Maybe you can keep Doula B in mind for the next time, where you'll have done this before. Good luck with making your decision!!

    Cate said...

    For me I would want someone who would be doing more visits although the lactation counseling from A is what would put her on top for me, but most hospitals offer that in post-natal care (at least both hospitals here do...)

    WiseGuy said...

    I would have more than likely chosen Doula A. I know that money is a huge issue, but remember, it is not like, you would be needing her forever. I think, at moments such as these, money must take a backseat. She is experienced, that is the best part.

    WiseGuy said...

    You could take Doula A and pretty please her to increase her visits, atleast one on each side of the birth?

    Rachel Inbar said...

    Infrequent commenter here - we made our decision based on who we wanted to have in the room with us at the time when our baby was being born.

    Basically, I'd put less emphasis on her experience (assuming you'll have a doctor there for that) and think about her personality - who seems more pleasant and less intrusive.

    Have you asked for personal recommendations?

    ~Jess said...

    I would go with Doula A: Experience can make a huge difference and be worth the price difference.

    Good luck!


    butterflyanla said...

    I think If it were a midwife situation then I would go with A. Since she has more experience and twin births can be tricky. Since it is a doula situation I think you should go with option B. If she worked at a hospital then she probably has seen a lot of things you don't experience at home births. I think the money option is a factor and If B has had excellent training then perhaps she is the way to go?