Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Decision

Ok everyone, it's time for you to help me pick my doula. I am SOOO conflicted. I've narrowed it down to two, but I honestly can't choose. All comments are very, very welcome so I can hopefully pick one by tomorrow evening. Here goes...

Doula A:

  • Very experienced (been a doula since 1995, served as assistant director of ALACE, teaches classes to other doulas, etc.)
  • Trained massage therapist
  • Lactation counselor
  • Been interviewed in pregnancy/parenting magazines & has even written a book on childbirth
  • Her voice is very relaxing
  • Came to interview very well prepared with materials for me to read and questions to ask my doctor
  • Has done twin births
  • Relatively close to my age (30's)

  • Cons:
  • Very expensive ($1300)
  • Only does 1 prenatal & 1 postpartum visit
  • Has a very short & generalized doula contract

  • Doula B:

  • Very inexpensive ($400-$500)
  • Does 3-4 prenatal & 2-3 postpartum visits
  • Has a long & detailed doula contract
  • Came to interview well prepared with resume
  • Close to my age (23)

  • Cons:
  • Not much experience (no births yet in Massachusetts, only been a doula for a short period of time)
  • Has never done a twin birth
  • No references (because her previous doula work was done while employed by a hospital where HIPAA laws apply)

  • The cost factor is a huge issue. Is it worth it for me to spend about 3x as much for a more experienced doula? What if I need to have an epidural & C-Section anyway? I can appeal to my insurance company to see if they'll cover some of the cost, but there are no guarantees there. I like the fact that Doula B is close to my age, and I respect the fact that she's just starting out and needs to have birth experience in order to get more clients. I would love to give her that chance, because I understand how it would feel to be in her position. She's also originally from the Rochester area. :-) But on the other hand, Doula A knows more than Doula B just by having so much more time at the job. I mean, she gives classes to other doulas and writes books! I am SO conflicted! Please help!
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