Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doula Search Update

I interviewed a great doula today, but she's also the most expensive of everyone on my list, clocking in at $1300. Ewwww!! Pros: she has a lot of experience but isn't "old," she gives great massages (I got a sample during her interview), her voice is really soothing (I felt relaxed just talking to her in conversation), she came well prepared and asked questions...I could go on. Con: she is CRAZY EXPENSIVE! :-) I'd ask people to help pay for the doula in lieu of baby gifts, but that means less stuff for the baby that I really need. I can appeal to my health insurance company to try and get them to cover some (if not all) of the cost, but there are no guarantees they'll give me a dime. What do I do!!??


ssbean said...

You know what your finances look like. Maybe you could take out a small loan, or are their payment plans. Either way, you know what you can afford and can't. I think if you can afford the one you really like, then go for it. You have interviewed many doulas, you know what you want, and if you found it, then it's probably worth it. However, if you honestly can't handle the high price, then I would say no, and to stick with one that's more in your doable price range.

margelina said...

Well, your birthing experience is only going to happen once...there won't be any do-overs, lol. And you have to do it twice in a row, at that! If you already feel so strongly about this woman and you feel calm and relaxed around her...I think you should try and find a way to get her! Maybe someone close to you in your family wants to help you out? I would find out if you can get your insurance to help, too...helping you pay for her so you have a nice, relaxed, VAGINAL delivery will be far less expensive for them then if you ended up with a C-section...try presenting it to them that way. Good Luck and keep us posted!

Celia said...

I do think that this is a different kind of cost. It's not a daily three dollar latte or a "need" for designer shoes. It's your body, your babies, and your first and possibly only birth experience.

While that is a LOT of money, I think it is something you will have to feel and not think the answer to.

the mol said...

I think it would be worth it; babies really don't need as much "stuff" as every store and website leads us to believe. Furthermore, plenty of the things aren't important right away, like the high chairs and bigger clothing. So if you think that people would kick in a bit for something like an awesome doula, go for it.

But don't count on the insurance companies being logical at all. I have to give David shots and even though the pre-drawn injections don't waste as much medicine, the vials that I have to draw up myself are what they send me. I have to waste most of the vial, which drives me bananas.