Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doula Search Update

I interviewed a great doula today, but she's also the most expensive of everyone on my list, clocking in at $1300. Ewwww!! Pros: she has a lot of experience but isn't "old," she gives great massages (I got a sample during her interview), her voice is really soothing (I felt relaxed just talking to her in conversation), she came well prepared and asked questions...I could go on. Con: she is CRAZY EXPENSIVE! :-) I'd ask people to help pay for the doula in lieu of baby gifts, but that means less stuff for the baby that I really need. I can appeal to my health insurance company to try and get them to cover some (if not all) of the cost, but there are no guarantees they'll give me a dime. What do I do!!??
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