Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Pictures

Here are some pictures that my sister and brother-in-law took of the twins. To see more, go to my brother-in-law's blog

This is a cute pic of my little boy, Dovid.

Here's Dovid again!

Here are Chana & Dovid enjoying a nap in their car seats. They're nearly identical! :-)

I love this picture of Chana. She's *just* learning how to smile!

I'm still suffering my mastitis--temperature has been between 100F and 103F for the whole day. I can tell what my temp is based on how awful I'm feeling at any given moment. URGH I really hope I feel better tomorrow! I'm supposed to have a play-date with a friend and then go out to dinner with my best friend later on. *sigh*


  1. Oh Elana, the babies are beautiful.... I never thought that they looked alike till I saw the one where both of them are dozing off in their car seats...

    Chana's smile is so pretty!

    I hope you get well soon!

  2. the kids are beautiful!!! the car seat picture is just priceless.

    hope you start feeling better really soon!!!!


  3. Thank you Thank you! We have not seen any new pics of Chana and Dovid in a while. They are both precious.

  4. Chana & Dovid are adorable.
    Take care with mastitis and keep feeding lots and rest ;).
    My fraternal twins often did identical sleeping positions -so cute

    hi, I am visiting from ICLW...No. 126 to say hello and to check out your blog.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I can't say it enough about your kiddos.

    I hope you start to feel better soon, mastitis is no fun.

  6. Love the car seat picture. How cute!

  7. I love the car seat one. And aren't baby smiles the most precious.

  8. amazing! They even nap the same way :) Ka"H, they are wonderful babies and I am so happy for you!!!

  9. Hello Again.....this time from the ICLW list...but that won't stop me from sending kisses down Chana and Dovid's way!


  10. Your children are SO beautiful! Thank you SO much for sharing pictures of them. I hope your mastitis goes away soon and your not in TOO much discomfort.

  11. Okay, I know you have your hands full....but when you get the time, I would like you to do this:

  12. they're gorgeous!!!

    & by the way-- way to go on bf-ing your twins... mine never did get the hang of latching, so i'm pumping for them, & super jealous of bf-ing moms. sorry about the mastitis tho-- that sucks alot! hope you're feeling better!