Tuesday, May 5, 2009

200th Post!

Wow! Can you imagine that I'm already at post #200? Anyone remember my 100th post? It's the one where I posted about the twins being a boy & a girl. Looking back at the pictures from that ultrasound, the one of my son's profile actually looks like him...sorta. They were so tiny at 18 weeks. Little did I know at that point that two weeks later I'd be on modified bed rest and hoping to keep them in at least until "viability"! I don't have anything nearly that exciting to report for post 200.

I forgot to mention that both twins have seen the neurologist and have been given clean bills of mental health (for now). We'll go back for a follow-up in 6 months, but the doctor doesn't suspect he'll find anything troubling. I'm so relieved, because Dovid wasn't breathing for the first 3 minutes of his "life" (in quotes because he was nearly not alive for those minutes). And no oxygen can mean VERY bad things for one's brain. Chana also was oxygen deprived, but not nearly as much as Dovid was...and she started breathing right away. B"H there is nothing to worry about at this point. YAY!

My sister-in-law has decided to extend her stay at least until May 14th, although I'm really pushing to see if she'll stay even longer. I'm terrified for the day when I'm left alone with the twins and I need to be doing all 24 hours worth of feedings. YIPE!!!! At least they are getting MUCH better on that front--both had only 7 feedings yesterday! Much, much better than 12 each! At least if you can do the feedings back-to-back (which most of these weren't), 7 extended feedings doesn't take up *too* much time. Unfortunately that's only in a perfect world. My twins don't always get hungry at the same time (or nearly the same time) so it can turn into 14 regular feedings instead of 7 extended ones.

*Please skip the following paragraph if you don't want to know about my son's...errr...digestive system*
Dovid has been going longer and longer without a poo. When he was born it was once a day, then it was once every other day, and now it's once every three days. I got nervous today because he hadn't had one since Friday evening, so I called the pediatrician. The nurse there said to take a rectal thermometer and pretend to take a temperature...then watch out! So I did that...poor little guy was NOT happy about it at all...and neither was mommy. :-) A few hours later my hubby was feeding him and you hear this GIANT poo sound (and smell to go with it) across the room! Well I was just delighted. (Especially because my hubby took care of the diaper, which had basically exploded all over everything.) Luckily it was a normal mushy baby poo, so no worries of constipation. Hopefully he'll become more regular so I don't have to freak out when I don't see one in a few days. *sigh* The trials and tribulations of motherhood. :-D

Speaking of motherhood, Mother's Day is coming up! My very first one!!! I'm really excited even though my hubby is going to be at work and I don't really expect he'll get me anything exciting. I'll be lucky if he remembers to give me a card--although I have been dropping not-so-subtle hints of the upcoming holiday. We'll see what happens.
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