Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nothing to Report

Not much is going on here. The babies are doing well, although their feedings are still quite sporadic. We're trying to get them on an "every 3 hours or longer at night" shtick--only after a formula bottle and making sure they get at least 3 if not 4 oz. If it's during the day and they're nursing, it's anyone's guess and they will sometimes get hungry 1 or 2 hours after the *start* of a feeding. So if a feeding takes 1/2 an hour, they could be hungry again a 1/2 hour after that. Unfortunately nursing that often just hurts. The babies are (sort of) learning to nurse without the nipple shield, but they're not particularly good at it. I can only do it with one baby at a time and they can't usually go for a whole feeding. Then the next feeding I have to use the shield because I'm sore. *sigh* You'd think babies would have learned how to do this properly in utero and that nipples would evolve to not have nerve endings after 5000 years... :-) Oh well!


  1. If you figure out how to get them to sleep longer, please let me know ;-)

    My husband has taken to calling Will 'Old Faithful' at night because he wakes up at 3 hours on the dot. Not 12:01, Not 11:59, but exactly 12:00. During the day, he sometimes demands an extra ounce between feedings. I think Cluster Feedings are normal, especially during times of expected growth spurts.

  2. I call them encore feedings. Ellie will eat, which she is a VERY slow eater anyway. Even the slow flow nipples have been too fast, she's speeding up now. But, my breastmilk comes out way too fast for her and she gets it all over her. But, within 30minutes she's wanting more. Sometimes she goes for 2 encore feedings. Those time I feel like I'm feeding for hours at a time. Can't imagine how it would be with twins.