Monday, May 18, 2009

New Diet

I'm starting a diet. I have so much weight to lose (20 babies pounds and 20-40 from pre-babies) and breastfeeding is not dropping the weight off like *everyone* says it will. Obviously I'm going to be doing this safely...I'm not stupid. The diet is called Start Fresh and it's a kosher diet!! Wooo! They even sell kosher diet food (crazy expensive). They give you recipes, including traditional ones for Shabbos and tell you what kinds of things you can and should be eating to help lose the weight the right way. I'm quite excited to get started even though it will mean I actually have to cook--ICK! I hate cooking with a passion. I'd rather be doing nearly anything else.

I'm also job searching. I need to find a position that will pay me enough to pay for a Nanny and actually bring home a "profit" after taxes. We have to pay the bills and this is the only way I know how. Obviously my main search is within Citizens Bank (where I already work), but I don't know if they have any appropriate positions for me to come into. I'm looking to be an executive administrative assistant, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know!


  1. Good luck on your diet. If it is in your budget/insurance you might consider seeing a nutritionist. I never lost any weight till I did.

  2. there are a lot of breatsfeding women at my Weight Watchers group. My sister in law lost a lot of weight on WW and they have special guidelines for breastfeeding moms. Just another option....
    good luck!!!!

  3. Good for you for getting healthy.

    I know what you mean about making enough money to pay for a nanny. I am seriously getting scared that I wont be able to afford it.

  4. Good luck on the diet. Still wanting to lose 10-20 pounds here. I'm in my clothes before twins, but not loving the way I look. Sigh.

    Job hunting, I know it is rough out there now, so sending you lots of job vibes.


  5. Good luck with your weight loss. I never lost weight through breastfeeding.


  6. Ugh, the dreaded job search. Figuring out the profit-after-daycare situation is NEVER fun!

  7. It can be so hard to come out on the right side of the salary/childcare equation. I hope you find a position that meets your needs.

    And good luck with the weight loss. Breastfeeding isn't melting the pounds off for me either.