Monday, October 6, 2008


The doctor's appointment went well. She found the heartbeats and said my uterus is almost all the way up to my belly button and measuring for 16 weeks (which is about right since a 16 week baby is about 5-6 inches and my babies are about 2.5 inches each). My blood pressure was bad when the tech took it, but good when the doc took it. So the doc will probably always be the one to take my blood pressure from now on. And I made my next appointment for 3 weeks from now. Tomorrow's the ultrasound and I'm REALLY excited for it!

I had a TON of fun at King Richard's Faire yesterday with my best friend. We got to see all sorts of acts (The "Mud" Show, a juggler/fire eater, a magician, a joust, etc.) and peruse the various booths. I even bought a puzzle ring which comes apart and is a puzzle to put back together. I had one almost identical to it in high school but lost it, so I'm glad to have a new one!

Today I also had a great conversation with someone in the benefits office for Citizens Bank. I will qualify for short-term disability when I go on bed rest, and that also continues for about 6-8 weeks after the babies are born because recovery from birth counts even after you're discharged. Secondly, even though I don’t qualify for the federal FMLA leave (because I won’t have been working at Citizens for a year prior to needing it), I do qualify for Massachusetts’ FMLA leave. In MA, you get 8 weeks leave PER CHILD starting when they're born (making 16 weeks for me). While I’m out on short-term disability and then FMLA, my time with the bank still accrues, so in June it will seem as if I’ve been working there for a full 12 months, even if I go out on leave several months prior. Once that happens, federal FMLA kicks in, MA FMLA kicks out, and I get 12 weeks starting from that date. Unfortunately, I don’t get paid except for the first 6-8 weeks after the babies are born, but at least I have job security and enough time to spend breastfeeding that it won’t be a big deal when I do go back to work. Man, I love this state!
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