Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ultrasound Pics

I actually got my scanner to work!!! So here are the pictures of Peanut Butter and Jelly for all to see...

First is a picture of Baby A's measurement (perfect for 12 weeks)

Next is, of course, Baby B's measurement (measuring ahead at 12w 4d)

This is a cute 3D picture of Baby A. You can see the head towards the middle of the picture and a hand right below it.

This is an even better 3D picture of Baby B. You can see the whole face, although it's covered by his/her hands! :-)

Here I am speculating about Baby A's gender. Baby A is the one on the right, and I believe it's looking right at the butt with his/her legs in the air. If so, I don't see any evidence of "boy parts" in between this baby's legs...

And now we can speculate about Baby B's privates. :-) Baby B is the one on the bottom. And you can clearly see this baby's face, so we know we're looking right between the legs. Do you see what I see??? Baby B has something that Baby A doesn't... Possibly "boy parts"??

In other news, my mom, her boyfriend and I went to Babies R Us to start registering for stuff for the twins, so I'll add a link to the registry on the right side of the page. More (less expensive) stuff will be added soon, but we concentrated on the "big stuff" today.

My mom also had the strangest thing happen, that I really must relate to you all. There is an amazing woman that lives in Rochester. Her husband is Rabbi H, one of the teachers at Hebrew School I went to and I always LOVED his classes. Mrs. H says tehillim (Psalms) every day for people who are sick, looking for a spouse, trying to have children, etc. She also is know to have a direct connection to G-d. Now I always thought this was a bit of a joke, but I'm convinced of it now. She knew that we had been trying to get pregnant and she had been saying tehillim for me for a while. She left my mother a message on her answering machine the other day that basically said "Elana's going to get pregnant and she's going to have twins". Now, there is no way that she would have gotten this information from any human...she doesn't have much contact with anyone except G-d! And you have to be really, really positive to leave that kind of message for someone. My mother called her back and basically said "Well, Mrs. H, you're right!" lol How spooky?!?!
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