Saturday, October 4, 2008


What in the universe happened to my readers? I've had one comment in the last week (thank you, Nancy), and I post a very commentable post on Thursday and it's as if no one's read it. Did all my readers up and leave? I know my posts aren't SO interesting, but there are some bloggers who get 20+ comments on EVERY it hurts to see a big fat zero. I like to know I have readers that care and even though I definitely don't post comments on every post of every blog that I read, I definitely comment when there's something to say--and to make sure that person knows I still read and still care. Is there anyone else out there in blog world?? Any requests on more things you'd like me to talk about so that my readers feel engaged and want to post? Any tips on getting more readers?

In other news, I'm going to King Richard's Faire tomorrow with my best friend and I'm really psyched. Will definitely post about that tomorrow. I do have a doctor's appointment on Monday and my neuchal translucency is on Tuesday, so I will also update about those on their respective days.
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