Thursday, October 23, 2008


The ultrasound today went very well. They didn't take CRL measurements because the ultrasound was mainly to check my cervix, but I did get good pictures of the twins. :-)

This is a picture of Baby A

This is one of Baby B's profile

Here you can see Baby A from a side view--check out that arm! (You can even see the little one's right ear if you look closely!)

Here baby A is covering his/her ear with his/her hand

Here you can see Baby A sucking his/her thumb

Here's a front shot of Baby B...his hand is near his mouth, or maybe wiping his nose haha

And here you can also see Baby B sucking his thumb

In case you didn't notice my captions, we did find out that Baby B is a boy!! The jury is still out about Baby A, but I personally think it's a girl--because we just didn't see the same...errr...appendage on Baby A. :-)
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