Thursday, October 2, 2008

Unconditionally Happy

I finally figured out how I had the zechus (merit) to get pregnant with these miracle babies. There is a very lovely couple in my community who tried for many, many years to get pregnant and eventually did have two boys (not twins). Those boys are now grown up and living out of town. One of their two boys has three children B"H, but the other has had trouble conceiving ever since he was married several years ago. I felt so deeply about this couple because they had to watch his brother have child after child without being blessed themselves--and of course I knew how they felt in terms of not being able to get pregnant. I don't know exacly what their journey entailed, but I do know that surgery was involved. In any case, I found out that they were pregnant right when I was starting my IVF cycle BCPs. When his mother told me, I was so happy that I stood there and started to cry. For the first time, I was honestly 100% truly happy for someone who had become pregnant. I also found out that they had gotten pregnant right after I had back in January, so I basically told myself that if I needed to miscarry in order for them to become pregnant, then so be it. And THAT is how I believe I had the zechus (merit) for G-d to give me these miracles. B"H This couple had a beautiful (full-term) baby boy today!!!
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