Thursday, October 16, 2008

Give Some Love

Please head over and give my friend Blue some love. She just found out that one of her twins stopped growing around 11 weeks (she's now about 13 weeks). Thank G-d the other twin is healthy, but it is still a loss and still very sad.

In other news, I think I'm starting to feel the twins bouncing around in there. Every few days (starting around 12 weeks) I feel this buzzing or vibrating sensation inside my belly/pelvis. I wasn't sure the first few times, but after asking women who've been pregnant before (and of course the fact that it's now happened at least 4 times...), I'm pretty sure it must be the babies. :-)


Jewels said...

I'll go send Blue some love.

Wow, feeling the babies already? That's quick, but I guess with twins - it probably would be a bit sooner. How awesome!

margelina said...

I stopped by and left my prayers for Blue.
Isn't that feeling amazing?! I imagine with two in there, it's gonna feel pretty crazy in there for you soon! Congrats on your newest milestone!