Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ultrasound Update

My cervix is looking decent. It's still funneled/shortened to about 1.5 cm, but it's not open any further than the cerclage stitch (which is good). I started progesterone suppositories last Monday evening, so hopefully my cervix will stay where it is (or even get longer!)

Here are some cute 3D pics of the twins. The pics a bit blurry cuz the twins are still pretty small, but they have cute faces anyway. :-)

This is Baby A's pudgy face

This is a front view of Baby A's face with her arm out front

This is Baby A with her arm out front

This is Baby B's adorable face

This is Baby B covering his face with his arm

Here it looks like Baby B is leaning on his arm

That's all for today. Still resting--or at least trying to! :-)
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