Monday, December 1, 2008


My OB tested my blood for anemia at my last appointment (and at my own personal request). And, guess what, my hemoglobin is low! (Biiig shocker there lol) I've always been borderline anemic, so pregnancy is definitely taking a toll. She wants me to start taking iron twice a day, but I do need to check on dosing. When I asked how many milligrams, the nurse said "aren't they all the same?" Well, I checked and they're not all the same. So I'll be calling them tomorrow to find out. *sigh* My blogger friend Nancy has a post today about pooping while giving birth, but I won't have to worry about that if I'm on iron twice a day because I doubt I'll ever be able to poop again!!!! hehehehe Just kidding. I am allowed to take a stool softener, but who knows if it will work. I guess we'll see!


Ginny said...

Sorry about the anemia. I've had that before. Even harder while pregnant. Hopefully the iron helps.

Thanks for letting me know about paypal not working, I tried a different style button ~

Let me know if that works any better!

WiseGuy said...

Uh careful with your nutrition as well. It would be a good idea to identify fruits and veggies that can help you in improving that anemia. Good Luck!

margelina said...

I was on prescription Iron 3x's a day with all three pregnancies and I didn't get any tummy troubles at all. Hope it's the same for you. Strawberries. Spinach, and cereals are all good sourses of Iron as well. Good luck with that!

Nikki said...

Sorry about the anemia Elana. Would eating iron rich foods help? Spinach, beet root, apples etc?

Take good care of yourself!