Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Nancy asked a really good question on her last comment, and I was going to respond just to her but then realized that many of my bloggy readers might be wondering the same thing. Sooooo.... I wear the same outfit for all of my belly pics because I won't do bare belly pics (for religious reasons) and it would be harder to see the growth accurately if I was wearing many different outfits. For my head covering in the pictures I'm wearing a snood, which is basically a large cloth sock that fits over my head and covers my hair. This I wear for religious reasons also--and now I get to explain! :-)

In Orthodox Judaism, married women cover their hair, because it's considered not tznius in the same way that going around in shorts and a tank top would be. Before marriage, having hair uncovered is fine. Anyways, many women cover their hair with shaytels, some cover with snoods or scarves, and some with hats. Some cover their hair differently depending on the occasion or just what they feel like. I use a snood for the pictures because it's easy to throw on. If I were to go out to someone's house for a Shabbos meal, however, I would most likely wear a shaytel.

P.S. I was not offended by the question at all. :-)
P.P.S. I am also not offended by non-Jews dressing in shorts & tank tops as the laws of tznius only apply to Jews. So I didn't want anyone thinking I was being snooty or anything.

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nancy said...

My goodness, the money I would save on my hair appointments if I were part of your religion. :)

WiseGuy said...

I think I left my curiosity gene somewhere, because though I have myself seen you in the same clothes and the same head covering, it never struck me as to why it was like that!

Thanks for all that information. I learnt new things about Judaism through this post. : )

Cara said...

I did the same thing, without the religous reasons. What does that mean, I wonder.


the mol said...

tznius means modesty, in a sense, for the readers who are curious. Words in Hebrew don't always translate so well.

Oh, and Nancy--I just never get my hair done. I got a haircut in August that was so traumatic it's taken until now to even slightly recover.