Saturday, December 6, 2008

Belly Pic etc.

Yep...I lied and put the pic up on Friday. I had some extra time before Shabbos (the Sabbath) started, so I figured I'd get it out of the way. Enjoy!

My hubby went shopping tonight and got me a breakfast-in-bed tray that I'm using for my laptop and can also use to eat on. It's AWESOME and cost less than $15. Go Bed, Bath & Beyond for being reasonable. And we had one of their 20% off coupons too, so it made it even sweeter.

Some friends of mine in the community came to visit me during Shabbos. It was actually at their house that my hubby and I first met. Our 3rd anniversary of meeting was Thanksgiving weekend, and we have a tradition now to go to this family's house for Shabbos dinner as close to Thanksgiving as we can make it. We had planned to go this week, but since I can't make the walk, we had to cancel. They made food for us and my hubby picked it up so we could have it that night. Then the mom and one of the daughters came to see me during the day today to see how I was and just hang out for a little while. It was great!

My friend Melanie will probably come over on Tuesday to cut up the pumpkin that my mom brought for Thanksgiving. (Mom actually dressed it to look like a turkey for a centerpiece...) Melanie and I plan to gut the pumpkin and roast the seeds. It should be an awesome time. If we have extra time afterwards we may even get to play some that would rock!

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margelina said...

Beautiful Pic, Elana!
What a cool tradition you guys have! Glad you are getting visitors so you don't get bored!
Let em just say...I heart bed, bath, and beyond! I can seriously go crazy in there. I recently re-did a bathroom with this adorable monkey shower curtain and matching rugs...all with the coupons!
BTW, per Nancy's circ blog...I was nervous getting my son's done, mainly b/c I knew nothing about it. My sister pointed out...your hospital is Jewish...your doc is know of all people they know what they are doing, you know it will look good, lol. Now, I don't know the Jewish reasons behind it, but it certainly was not this horrific thing it is made out to be.