Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My mom and her boyfriend are coming to visit for Thanksgiving weekend...we waited until the last minute to buy food...turkey takes too long to hubby bought chicken with no recipe in now he's going BACK out to the supermarket to buy something so we can make a chicken recipe (mind you it's almost 11pm). *sigh* While at the supermarket, he called to ask if I could find him a salmon recipe when he couldn't find turkey, but then he found turkey and I told him to call my mom to ask if she wanted us to make it. He didn't call me to even mention he was going to get chicken, and since NOTHING is open tomorrow, he stormed back out the door to get an ingredient we need for the chicken recipe. Honestly!! Why couldn't he have just called me to say he was getting chicken?? He does this all the time and it's starting to get on my nerves. He could save a lot of gas mileage by calling me right before he checks out so I know what he's bringing home. Since it's hard for me to walk, I can't always go shopping with him, but if it means he's going to have to go back (and cause us to both lose sleep), then I should just suck it up and go shopping with him. But when I go on bed rest, I won't be able to go shopping with him... Grumble.

Fast forward 10 minutes: Just got off the phone with the hubby. He actually called me from the supermarket to make 100% sure there was nothing else we needed. So we went through the menu and he even found some fruits that weren't at the first place he went to. So it shouldn't be a total loss. And he gets bonus points too--I just called him again to tell him to get several cans of stewed tomatoes (that's what he went back for) and he said "I've got 4". Heh...he's a smart man.

Now that that's settled, I can be thankful for things. :-)

1) Very thankful for my wonderful hubby who does go shopping and lets me stay home to relax. I'm so very glad that I married him.

2) Incredibly thankful to Hashem (that's G-d for those of you non-Jews out there) for giving me two miracles who are snuggled away in my tummy for the next few months.

3) Especially thankful for my family (mom, sister, mom-in-law, several sibling-in-laws, and of course Grandpa Irv) for always being supportive and loving.

4) Thankful that my husband and I actually have jobs in this stinky economy that allow us to pay our mortgage, buy groceries and pay various other bills.

5) Thankful that my family and I are all pretty healthy with no serious problems that would cause me to worry. (Grandpa Irv really needs to stop scaring us...I gotta save all my worry for the twins.) :-D

6) Ginormously thankful for my two best friends, David & Melanie, without whom I would just go crazy. David-because I can talk politics with him and not find myself in an argument. Because he always has and always will make me laugh with his antics. Melanie-because with her I can still play violent computer games (Heroes III & Baldur's Gate) and kill zombies whenever I want. Because she'll go see movies with me that no one else would (Prince Caspian, Wall-E, etc.). And because I can say whatever I want to either of them and not be worried about being offensive or crossing "the line".

7) Thankful for all of my other IRL (in real life) friends, bloggie friends, and alllll of my readers out there. Without you guys, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. And I certainly wouldn't have kept blogging if I didn't know someone was out there reading all of it.

8) Thankful that this holiday means I get a day off from work!!! W00t!

I can't come up with anything else, but I think you get the point. :-) Happy Turkey Day! Don't forget to have some stuffing for me!


ssbean said...

Happy Turkey Day to you too. I can totally relate to the hubby going shopping. I can think of two recent things that have happened where if he just called me, texted me, listened to me he would have saved us both some trouble. Gotta love them though, they really do mean well.

WiseGuy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. DH does shopping as well, but he seems better organized at getting things for the house than I do. I will shop only in contingency or for its therapeutic value or when I need to get some frivolous item. Buying gifts also inspires me. Otherwise, it is DH all the way! Our Blessings!

margelina said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! My hubby never used to take his phone, and of cousre I would always call him with something I Thanksgiving he went back and forth to the store about 8times!! Her finally learned to carry his phone, lol.

meandbaby said...

Your hubby sounds terrific. I hope that Thanksgiving was a wonderful one.

Sounds like you have an awesome family who supports you! Congrats on your two bundles of joy.