Saturday, November 22, 2008

Funny Story

I have a very funny story about the name we picked for our little boy. One of the people I told is my best guy friend from college. We talk online nearly every day and generally once a week on the phone. We never dated, but we're very close friends. In any case, my son's first name will probably be the same as my friend's, so I wanted to warn him not to be shocked when we name the baby. I explained why we chose that particular name and then told him the middle name as well. And my friend goes "So you're naming him after me?" I replied "Not quite...what's your middle name??" And of course he replies that it's the same as we picked for Baby B. Luckily he is honored and not offended, even though it was 100% by accident. I did know deep down in my subconscious what his middle name was, but it didn't occur to me until he said it. Heh So I guess my best friend and my first born son will have the same name. Go figure! :-)
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