Thursday, November 13, 2008


I went to the ER last night (sorry I didn't tell you when we were on the phone, Mom, but I didn't want you worrying needlessly on your birthday...) :-) Anyhoo, I'm fine, babies are fine. I went because I was having the most bizarre cervical pain. Like someone was pinching it. So I called the doc on call and he said that since it's twins that I should come in. So I did! My cervix was beautiful and so are the babies, but they checked my urine and think I have a UTI! We're still waiting for the cultures to come back with a definite "you are sick and need antibiotics" or "you're not sick and will be just fine". But in the mean time, I'm not in any danger nor do I have any awful UTI symptoms (THANK G-D!). I also want to give a big A+ to the doctors at St. Elizabeth's (where I plan to deliver). I was in and out of there in 2 1/2 hours, was treated with respect and the best bed-side manner I've ever seen.

While at the ER, though, I heard THE FUNNIEST LINE EVER!! So if you're pregnant and pee when you laugh (or sneeze...or breathe), please get a Depends pad ready. Right, so the guy in the room next to mine was having some problem with his foot and the nurse was asking him all sorts of questions. Finally, she asked him "has it been x-rayed"? And he replies "I've had so many x-rays, I'm surprised I don't glow in the dark!" Tee hee. I could just picture him glowing in the dark!!!

If I wasn't convinced that I was pregnant before, I'm definitely convinced now. I generally don't eat chicken. Not because I feel bad for them or anything, but because I just don't like the taste. I've been craving chicken for days. Unfortunately, kosher chicken is rediculously expensive so I can't possibly have it all the time. I bought some chicken to make Tuesday dinner (and give some to my friend who just had a baby) and ate a whole piece on Tuesday night and another whole piece on Wednesday night. For me this is huge...I almost NEVER eat a whole piece of chicken!! LOL Well, if all the ultrasounds and feeling baby movements wasn't convincing enough, this surely is. :-D


margelina said...

Glad everything is A-OK with you and the babies!
I'm so not schooled in this, so I have to ask...what makes chicken Kosher vs. not kosher? I've seen/heard the word, but have no idea what makes anything kosher. Sorry...I'm catholic, lol!

WiseGuy said...

That was a funny comment indeed that you heard! And it is good to know that you are doing well. Take good care of yourself.

Shauna said...

I had a UTI when I was pregnant with Matt, and didn't feel a thing! Good not to feel anything, but bad to not be able to know that you have one. I'm glad you and the babes are ok!

the mol said...

Kosher meat is slaughtered and prepared in a certain way so as to avoid unnecessary pain for the animal and to make the meat as clean and free of blood for the consumer.

It is more expensive because there are fewer distributors and it is a longer process.

Elana--we don't pay a lot at all for our kosher meat here, although that's probably because we're in the New York area. We also buy a lot of dark meat, which The Boy prefers, which is less expensive. You want me to hook you up with a chicken care package (logistical nightmare but if I could, I would)?

margelina said...

Thanks, Mol...
Hmmm, with that definition, I'd much rather eat Kosher meat, as well. This sounds like it should just be a standard for the meat industry, anyway. Wouldn't everyone want that?