Monday, November 10, 2008

Ebay Shopping Spree

I had some fun on Ebay and bought a few things for myself at much cheaper prices than I'd ever find in a store. There are two more things I have on my watch list, but these are the things I bought in the last few days...

First is a black skirt with sparkly gold stripes

Next is a pink and white blouse

This is a pretty black dress with some kind of flower design

And finally, this is a brown dress

All things with long sleeves, most with high necklines--and those with lower necklines can be worn with a shirt underneath, and the skirts safely below the knee!!

1 comment:

margelina said...

Ebay is the greatest!! Glad you found some great stuff! Ihave this long hippie skirt I got from ebay a few years ago that is my favorite!! Have you ever tried You use them to place bids at the closing seconds for you so that you never miss winning an item. It's always worked for me, and it's keeps early bidding wars down.