Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Belly Button and other things

When I was in high school, I was convinced that my belly button was "unfolding". Yes, I was a bizarre child, but I seriously thought it was just going to come apart. Now, I know it's not unfolding, but it's definitely getting shallower. :-)

I follow a lot of blogs, and today I read something that I really want to share. My blogger friend Nancy has one post today about childhood vaccinations and another about the flu shot. I think everyone should read them (especially those who are nervous about vaccinating their children or even themselves). Thank you Nancy!!

In other news, I'm 16 weeks today!! I'm just recharging the batteries for my digital camera and then I'll upload my newest belly pic. It's definitely getting bigger and sometimes I can feel it stretching, and BOY does it hurt! But I'll take it! I've also had some headaches for the last few days, so hopefully those will go away soon. I also voted today, and I hope everyone else has done the same!

I did go maternity shopping last Sunday and bought a winter jacket, a black blouse and 3 bras. Holy cow I'm so happy about those bras. I'd been wearing regular ones 24 hours a day and they were starting to get small. I don't actually think my boobs have gotten any bigger, but my ribcage/chest has. So I'm one size up for chest, but the same cup size. That makes a huge difference in comfort, though! I had actually given myself a sore under my boob and it hurt like mad! Now I have a bra that is specifically for sleeping and two other ones that I can wear during the day.

Today I had the second blood draw for my Sequential Screen, so I will hopefully find out the results of that next week at my OB appointment. And the Big Ultrasound is two weeks from today!!! My sister and brother-in-law are coming in for it, so I'm really psyched to see them too. Then, my mom and her boyfriend are probably coming to visit for Thanksgiving, so that will round out November nicely. I'm going to get spoiled seeing my family so much! But after November I probably won't see anyone again until the babies arrive, unless I get visitors while on bed rest.


margelina said...

Are you on bedrest? Or just predicting you will be?
Yay for bras that fit well, lol!
A stretching belly is the craziest feeling, but also the best! Can't wait to see the new belly pic!!

Blue said...

The expansion in rib-cage (but not cup size - boo!) has happened to me too. At first I thought I was imagining it, but all of my bras are SO uncomfortable. Bizarrely enough, I've gone up a size round the rib cage and am on the last hook....I'm a smallish person anyway, so I can't believe I can possibly need to go from a 34" to a 38", so am sticking with my 36" at the moment! But they are getting too tight! And everything underwired is uncomfortable too! I'm not even that big belly wise yet - I don't get it!

nancy said...

Wow - the big u/s already! It's not as exciting when you already know the gender though. Instead, I focused all my energy on the whatif of the baby's health. I just can't take any more scares. I'm done!

And why the talk of bedrest?