Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ok, it's over so now I can breathe. The retrieval went great and I wasn't even freaking out or anything. It was actually kind of funny--when I got into the OR I knew the anesthesiologist was messing around with my IV while the nurses were keeping my attention and having me get on the bed, legs in stirrups, lie down, etc. Once I was almost situated I said, "Did the Dr already start the drip? I'm feeling kinda tired." The nurse smiled and said, "yes". The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery with my hubby just arriving and me thinking "gee, that was quick and easy". LOL

As for my freak out questions this morning, we've already taken care of some of them:

1) What happens if they get in there and see that I've already ovulated all of my eggs?
  • Well, that just didn't happen...
3) What happens if they get in there and find nothing in my follicles?
  • This also didn't happen...they aspirated 8 follicles and found 8 eggs. :-)
7) What if something goes wrong during the retrieval and I just don't wake up CV"S?!?
  • Fact is, I'm writing this post and don't feel any more bizarre than I did this morning or yesterday (yeah I'm tired, but I was tired yesterday too). And I obviously woke up. :-)

There you have it, 8 eggs and we'll see what happens to them on Thursday.

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