Thursday, July 31, 2008


2 embryos...8 eggs, and only 2 are still around. I'm in total shock and completely devastated. They wouldn't tell me the grade or what happened to the other 6, but I'm so scared that they'll say they all fertilized and then they all died... I'd rather them say that the 6 were immature (because that can be fixed with holding off on the hCG shot and/or giving a higher dose of Follistim) or that 6 didn't fertilize at all (because that can be fixed with ICSI).

Please G-d...just give me a baby! Please watch over these 2 remaining embryos because they are my children. Please help them to grow properly and have either one or both of them implant into my uterus so that they can continue to grow. Please...I really don't want to go through this again next month!!
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