Thursday, April 8, 2010

Now Then...

Pesach's over, and I think I gained like 5 lbs. Ewww. I need to start exercising when I have a few minutes to myself.

The twins are going to be seen by someone with Early Intervention in two weeks. The pediatrician wants them to be evaluated since they still don't seem to understand (or speak) any English (or any other language for that matter). *sigh* I'll let you know how that goes.

Most everyone still has a cold, but I think everyone is getting better. Chana's cough is much better. YAY! And this weekend we're supposed to be going to our friends (the Hoffman family) for a birthday party, but they're also sick so we have to hope that everyone gets better really soon. We're going to be celebrating not only the twins' birthday but also the Hoffmans' youngest and their downstairs neighbor's youngest. Yay for babies! :-)

Meanwhile, go check out the neat games being given away on my other blog for Family Game Month!

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