Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ear Infections

Yipe! The twins have ear infections!! We went to the pediatrician yesterday since Chana is still coughing and her "eye goo" came back. Dovid has also been coughing, but not as much as Chana. So the doctor weighed them (Dovid gained 1/2 a pound!!), and then checked them all over. When she saw Chana's ears she was like "yep...ear infection in both ears". Dovid's ears she was having a hard time looking at due to some ear wax, but when she got a good look, she saw an infection in one of his ears too. So, they're on amoxicillin and I'm hoping neither of them are allergic (like their dear old mom). *sigh*

Note to my sister: Did they check your little one's ears to make sure his wasn't an ear infection too? Is he still producing copious amounts of boogers?
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