Friday, April 23, 2010

Early Intervention

Well, there's nothing to report here except that they came to fill out paperwork and nothing more. They said someone should call me with a month to set up an evaluation. Great...just what I need is more waiting while my twins aren't doing what they should be. Here are some of my worries:

* They're not "sociable" with adults: no waving hi/bye, no imitating us, little eye contact, don't answer to us calling their names when they're engrossed in looking at something else, they don't point to things they want

* They don't understand English (or Hebrew for that matter): they don't respond to commands, they don't say any words that they mean (not even mama or dada)

* Not very good fine motor: Sure they have the pincer grasp down well because of Baby-Led Weaning, but they don't know how to play with toys the "right" way, like they can't stack blocks or push a button to make something pop up...they just bang at things or suck them

I'm just worried about them not behaving like "normal" one year olds...*sigh*
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