Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chem Test and Other Things

I got up bright and early this morning for my chem test. I was proud of myself that I had studied the right way--a little bit every night for the last week. I'm pretty good at chemistry, but I wanted to make sure I had the concepts down. Luckily, the professor gives practice questions which are nearly identical to what will be on the test, and generally there is more than one question for a single topic. Like one of the questions was "Balance these equations" and there were five equations to balance. So I would do two of those and then two of another etc. every night. The only thing I wasn't 100% with was the terminology, because sometimes even when you know what something is it's quite difficult to put it into words. I'm also much better at learning mathematical concepts than at memorizing definitions. But I looked through them several times just to make sure I at least knew the majority of them.

Anyway, I get into the test and the first thing I do is go straight to the definitions. I want to get the worst part done first. :-) I knew all but one without even thinking, and that last one I made an educated guess from what I remembered from the practice questions. Turns out I was right. lol I love that! Then, I went to the rest of the test. Easy peasy. It turns out that studying the right way makes tests so easy you feel like you must be cheating somehow, but you're not. I felt so confident when I handed in my test. If I got anything less than 100%, I'll be shocked. (Especially since this prof grades on a scale, so the first test I got a whole bunch of questions wrong and still managed 100%...go figure.) YAY!

As for the twins, they're doing such a good job taking their medicine when we hide it in milk. We give them 2oz of milk and put the 5ml of amoxicillin in there. It makes it look like and smell like strawberry milk, and I'd bet that's what it tastes like too. The twins don't seem to mind, and I think they actually like the taste. So far they're still coughing, but Chana's "eye goo" is MUCH better! And that's only after a day or so of medicine. YAAAAY! Let's hope the cough gets better really soon, because it's waking her up at night. :-(
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