Saturday, April 3, 2010


Well, we're more than halfway done with Pesach, but most of the family is still sick. :-( The twins don't have fevers or vomiting, but they have runny noses. Shmuel has a horrific cold, but luckily no fever or vomiting from him either. His mom also has a cold, and I think Ziva probably still has a cold too (although she is out of town this weekend on a mini vacation).

I've been having fun getting ready for Family Game Month on The Twinners blog, and I already have the first giveaway up. Go check it out!

The twins aren't really doing anything new. They are practicing standing without holding on, but they still don't stand for very long without either sitting down or grabbing onto something. Neither have even attempted walking without holding on. They are both as giggly as ever, and are just the cutest babies in the world. :-)
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