Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You're Going to Hate Me For This

Yep. If you don't live in Massachusetts and you have to pay out of pocket for your infertility tests, procedures and meds, you are going to hate me. Therefore, stop reading now if hearing about Massachusetts being the best state for infertility coverage makes you want to vomit, throw a fit or punch your computer screen. You have been warned...

Now then, Massachusetts rocks. And more specifically, my hubby's insurance rocks. Let me backtrack. My OB took a routine progesterone test yesterday to make sure it was normal, and it was low...like 7 when it should've been over 11. Dang. So I called my RE's office to make an appointment to have a chat with the doc and see if I need testing or other such things and also to see what is plan of action is for when we want to have another kid. If he says "well do IVF again" then I'll say "great, we'll see you in 2011". If he says "well start with clomid and do the whole everything all over again" I'll say "ok, let's start now since we know nothing will work till we get to IVF". :-) Anyhoo, I decided to then call my insurance company since this is a different one than what we had during all of our IF treatments and IVF. I asked my questions: how much, how many, etc. Well here's the scoop...

Cost for treatments/visits/etc. = $20 copay

Yes you heard that right. IVF = $20 copay for each visit (And I don't even think ultrasounds count as an office visit.) Wow... Then I said "well how many cycles" You get 6 IVF cycles. If you have a live birth, then that resets. So if it takes 1 cycle or all 6 but you do have a live birth at some point there, you get another 6. Sweet. :-) I believe the same goes for IUIs. No lifetime caps except for that. If you go through 6 IVF cycles and they all fail or miscarry and you have no live births, then that's it. Everything else is out of pocket. If you have a live birth, you're set. Now that is what I call infertility coverage. :-) And now you all hate me and should move to Massachusetts so you can all have babies without needing to chop off body parts to sell them in order to have the money to do IVF.


  1. I should have stopped reading at your warning.

  2. I love Massachusetts! It makes me so sad to hear about the awful decisions people have to make in other states.

    Your RE sounds good, too. Mine kept telling me 7 was a normal progesterone level.

  3. Wow, that's great news for you! Lucky girl to live in Massachusetts!

  4. At least some people are being taken care of.