Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Storm That Wasn't

First of all, to update on Dovid, he had another appt with the pediatrician. He weighed in and had gained over a 1/2 lb from the last appointment. Yay! The doctor then expressed some concern with one of his blood tests. It turns out that his liver enzymes were a bit high, so she wanted to do some more tests to see if it was a fluke or maybe a result of his illness. So we did another round of blood tests, which I'm happy to report all came back normal. Another yay!

Now for the storm. Yeah....what storm? On Tuesday evening the weatherman was predicting this humongous storm. Everything was going to be closed on Wednesday...workplaces, schools, everything. There was already a snow emergency even though there was no snow falling yet. So I slept in on Wednesday thinking that I was going to be snowed in, so why not live it up. I got up nice and late and sauntered over to the window to see how it looked. I saw....grass and pavement and not one tiny flake. Nothing. I'm like "where in the universe is all the snow???" Hmmmmm. So I planned my day as if nothing was going to happen, and nothing happened. Ziva and I went grocery shopping later on in the evening once Shmuel was home. By the time we got back to the car it had sort of started snowing, but I didn't even have to brush off the car. This morning there was maybe an inch, but most likely less, on the grass and nothing to be found on the roads or anywhere else. So much for the snow! Free snow day!!!

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