Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Making the Switch

We've decided to switch to cloth diapers. Chana has the most incredible diaper rash ever. She has sores "down there" and cries when we wipe her off and put the cream on. It's just so sad that it hurts her so much. Dovid has a little bit of a rash, but not nearly as bad as Chana's. So, cloth diapers. Here is a list of what we bought:

20 bumGenius! 3.0 One-Size Pocket Diapers (10 White, 2 Blossom, 3 Zinnia, 2 Twilight, & 3 Moonbeam) from Wild Flower Diapers

1 Cotton Prefold Diapers Package (Size Medium, Natural/Unbleached) from Diaper Junction

2 Bummis Super Snap Wraps (Size Medium) from Diaper Junction

2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps (Size Medium, 1 Froggy Pond & 1 Flower) from Diaper Junction

1 FREE Baby Legs by bumGenius! (Hopscotch Jack) from Diaper Junction

3 Flannel Baby Wipes (15 pack, White) from Amazon

1 bumGenius! Diaper Sprayer from Amazon

1 Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail from Amazon

2 Thirsties Diaper Pail Liners from Amazon

1 Kushies "On The Go" Wet Bag (Large, 2-Pack, Boy Prints) from Amazon

Can you see I had fun? :-) I'm not even going to tell you how much it cost, but I'll tell you this...I would spend more on disposable diapers in a year than the total for all of these cloth diapers and accessories. Also, I'm going to be using cloth wipes instead of disposable wipes, and that saves me about $12 a month in addition to the savings on diapers. I'm totally psyched, and you guys are welcome to use what I bought as a guide to what you should get if you decide to make the switch (or just go with cloth from the start, like I should have done). Of course if you're only having 1, you probably only need 10 bumGenius diapers, and you probably wouldn't need any extra Bummis. I may need to buy more cloth wipes, but we'll see how these do. And I want to give a big thank you to Molly for helping me with this!!
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