Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dovid finally got his first *real* taste of food today!!! First off, he was a total pro at picking up the pieces of sweet potato that Shifra had given him. These are the EXACT SAME sweet potatoes that I made for Shabbos...spices and everything, except we cut the round slices in half so it would be easier to pick up. He definitely was chewing it, and it looked like he tried to swallow but coughed a bit up. Until a few minutes ago Shifra wasn't 100% sure if he had actually swallowed any of it, but she changed his diaper he had an orange piece in his poo!!!! YAY!!! Go Dovid!!!

Chana wasn't interested in food earlier when Shifra was feeding them, but I gave her some just now with Dovid and as soon as I wasn't looking at her, she picked up a piece of sweet potato and started chewing. lol Luckily I have it all on tape:

In other news, I am *not* anemic!!!! My hemoglobin is 13.6 gm/dl and my hematocrit is 39.7%--both within the normal range! I was shocked...and asked the nurse if my results had been switched with someone else's. lol Seriously, I don't know if I've ever had normal hemoglobin ever...even before pregnancy. So, the nurse told me to keep up the good work and stay on my iron once a day. Wheeee!!! I rock!
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