Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He Crawls...Backwards

That's right, folks. Dovid likes to slither on his belly...backwards. It's funny cuz I'll find him in places other than where I set him down, and I see that he got there by scootching on his belly backwards. He puts his arms out and pushes himself. It's quite funny, actually, and he seems to be enjoying himself. Whatever works! It looks like I need to seriously start baby-proofing...

Dovid's been having a little trouble with the swallowing step of eating. He can pick things up and even chew a little bit, but he gags himself when he tries to swallow (even something really small). When he gags, he spits up milk. Poor kid. :-( He'll get it eventually, but it just pains me to watch him gag even though I know he's in no danger and he's not "choking."

Now then, I have to tell you how *awesome* I am at finding good deals. I knew I needed to buy new car seats for the twins, because they are rapidly growing out of the infant seats. Well, at least Chana is...hehe Anyway, I found the kind I wanted. It's called the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat, which ranges from approx $160 to approx $180. I had been looking on Amazon, but I wasn't so happy with the color selection...or the price. I mean, I knew I was going to spend a lot, but spending almost $400 for two car seats was making me feel a bit queasy. lol Anyway, I finally found two colors that I adored...Lamont and Sophia. Lucky me, I happened to find them at a store that was selling the Lamont for $110 and the Sophia for $100. Then, I go and use my amazing coupon finding skills and get a 10% off coupon code for the seats. Throw in free shipping, and I just spent $189 for two car seats. Now, how awesome am I? :-) That's right...pretty darned awesome.
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