Monday, October 29, 2012

There's a Hurricane A-Coming!

As I type this, Hurricane Sandy is barreling through. It's crazy windy out there and has been raining like mad. This afternoon we had power flicker out twice for less than five seconds each. I refuse to reset the clocks until I am 100% sure the power won't go out again. What's the point of resetting all of the clocks if they're just going to conk out again, right? Anyway, I just hope our friends and family a bit farther south are faring well and staying safe.

As for me, I am /not/ pregnant. Yesterday was CD1 again. I actually had a 27 day cycle. Go figure! Me! Crazy ovulation lady having a normal and even slightly short cycle. lol Anyway, I'm neither happy nor sad about it. It's more an annoyance than anything else. Here's to another normal cycle! *fingers crossed*

I can't remember what I've told you about our new cats, but we had a little change over this past weekend. We had to give Frodo to the animal shelter because he was being too aggressive with the kids, and the point of having cats was to have the kids play with them and learn to care for them (eventually). I couldn't do this with Frodo, and people kept getting scratched and bitten. I had to sedate him to get him into his crate, because he will maul your face off if you try to put him in there. I was terrified that I had oversedated him and killed him, but luckily he was just fine. Shmuel dropped him off at the shelter, and when I checked in with them on Sunday he was still there. WHEW! I was so nervous they would just kill him because he's aggressive at times. Morgan has been sick and it's been a pain giving her medicine. We were afraid she might die since we couldn't get anything into her, and I took her to the shelter. They convinced me to keep her and showed me how to give her medicine. She's still having some trouble, but at least she's eating and drinking now where she wasn't doing this before. In the meanwhile, we got a cat to replace Frodo and he is a delight. He is the friendliest cat in the universe, even with the kids. He's also declawed, so I don't have to worry about him scratching anyone. We named him Merlin, though I jokingly say his alter ego is Colin because then we'd have two cats - Colin and Morgan. *giggles*

Speaking of Colin Morgan, my trip to London is in 3 short days. Today Eoin gave us his first clues in weeks! He's been so busy filming the movie that he's hardly been on Twitter to provoke the fangirls into convulsions with his teasing. Here are today's clues: "Less than a week to #ColdCon & we have extra tickets & the coolest guest...I'm excited & I've worked with him. But I still stare. A lot." and "And I can't announce our special guest cos people may fall over with excitement...and cos its more fun for me to see people's reactions..." Ok, now we speculate. We know it's a him, so that really narrows it down. And there are only two people in the cast (aside from the ones we know are already going to be there) who are stare-worthy. Colin and Brad. As for falling over with excitement, that also could be either of them. There are plenty of fangirls for both actors. lol Honestly, I still think both of them are going to be there...probably because I so want both of them to be there. :-) Only a few days left until I find out for sure!

I actually made another plane reservation to go out of town at the end of December. Yep, that's right. The girl with severe aerophobia is taking another flight. But this time I'm staying in the US and going to the midwest to visit my best friend Heavyn. We're going to have a blast for about a week and a half while I have some time off from school. I will do my best to blog about it with pictures, of course.

If you're wondering about the title of this post, it's a line from Golden Girls, Season 7, Episode 8 (The Monkey Show). It's the one where they're having a hurricane, and I thought it would be appropriate to watch it today, so I did. lol It was absolutely hilarious...and fitting. As they were having a hurricane on the show, I was listening to the wind howl and the rain pound against my window.

That's all for now. Most likely my next post will be after ColdCon... OMG I can't...even... *dies*
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