Friday, October 12, 2012

Update and Speculation

Eoin gave a small update this morning... He said on his Twitter that "apart from us 3 [Eoin, Tom & Alex], we have the 2 coolest actors from Merlin doing an appearance & a Q&[A] which u won't expect." He also said that "we aren't going to tell u WHO is at which [session], but u won't be disappointed either way."

Well, that doesn't get me so much further along than I was yesterday, but it gives me something to speculate on at the very least. Unless he's trying to be funny, everyone knows that the two coolest actors from Merlin are Colin (Merlin) and Brad (King Arthur). And this speculation is given further credence by the fact that he said someone wouldn't be disappointed either way. To miss Colin but to see Brad (or vice versa) probably wouldn't disappoint your average Merlin fan. To me it's a huge deal since I'm making this trip, but I would be at the full event in either case, so it doesn't matter to me who is at which session (morning or afternoon). Especially if I get to be a volunteer *fingers crossed* I will for sure be there all day.

I still haven't heard from Steve, and I'm getting way nervous. My flight actually decreased in price between yesterday and today, though not by much. I have enough anxiety to be dealing with these stupid airfares that change on an almost daily basis. I just want some kind of confirmation from him on what I'll be doing (if anything) so I can either book my tickets or sulk that I won't be going. Though the chances of me not going are so slim that I probably should book my tickets...I'm just so anxious about the whole thing. Anyone that knows me knows how much I hate flying. If I'm going to take a 7+ hour plane ride (there AND back), I had better be having the time of my freaking life on my vacation. It better be epic or I will not be happy.

What are your thoughts? I feel like no one's commenting any more, so I have no clue what you guys are thinking. Am I totally nuts? Do you think I should go? Do you think I need to wait to hear back from Steve before booking a flight? I just wish my anxiety would cool it so I can function. I'm hoping it will once I know what's going to happen and have my flight booked (or not).

Update: I did it. I said "what the hell, you know you wouldn't miss this for anything" and booked my flight. I know this is going to be an amazing experience, and I actually have tears in my eyes. I'm going to ColdCon2012...Someone pinch me.
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