Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super Crazy Excited

Yes, I know I promised no posts until after ColdCon, but I just had to tell you something. I emailed Karen, the girl who is actually in charge of ColdCon, to ask about volunteering, since Steve seems to be away from his email this week. ColdCon is only two days away (eep!), and I really needed to know what my plans were going to be. I expertly crafted an email asking her if I could volunteer to help, and she replied within minutes thanking me for the offer to help and basically welcoming me to the crew. She told me to be there over an hour before the event starts to get my assignment and briefing. OMG MY DREAM HAS BEGUN! I AM VOLUNTEERING AT COLDCON! This just made my plane flight bearable and worth it. I'm seriously dancing around the room and getting anxious to get to the airport. LOL Me? Looking forward to getting to the airport? Someone must have switched me with someone else... See you from the other side of the ocean!
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