Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Chance of a Lifetime

I am extremely excited about something, so forgive me for being giddy and freaking out about this and fangirling all over the place. In my last post I mentioned (all the way at the end) that I would be Skyping with some actors from the TV show Merlin. Let me explain how that would come to be in the first place...

Eoin Macken (that's pronounced "Owen" for those who aren't Irish) who plays Sir Gwaine in Merlin directs films himself and is currently making one called Cold. I decided to help support his film, and in return I was actually invited to be an extra, have an Associate Producer credit and be invited to the cast/crew premiere (when it happens) among other things. The problem is that they're taping in Ireland, and I can't exactly take a week off of school to go film (as much as I want to so badly). I had been in touch with Eoin's assistant (Steve), and I asked him if I could have a Skype chat with Eoin and Tom (Hopper - who plays Sir Percival in Merlin) instead of coming in for filming, and they agreed to that readily. Woo!

Fast forward a few days and Eoin announces on his blog that he's having a convention for his movie. It's going to be in London at the beginning of November and on a weekend. Score! I can do weekends!! But I wouldn't necessarily just go to meet Eoin and Tom... What really is tipping the scales are the "very special surprise guests" that Eoin is promising. Now then, according to Eoin we "all know who they are likely to be let's be honest" and we "know who [his] friends are" which leads us to believe that there will be multiple Merlin actors there. Wait a minute... *heart stops* Did I just say Merlin actors? Well, if you were making a convention and wanted to draw a big crowd for support, which actor from Merlin would you invite? BINGO! Merlin himself... *dies* No, I have no confirmation on this whatsoever, but I've already been in touch with Steve to find out who these surprise actors are going to be and if I can volunteer to help out at the event - like be a runner and get things for the signers or take pictures for fans. I mean, I do have an Associate Producer credit for the film, so I really should do something to help them, you know? And I live for the moment when Colin Morgan says to me "Hey, Elana, can you get me X?" *dies again* I also asked if I can have some kind of VIP access. Steve says he'll take care of me when I come, and I know he will...I just need to know if Colin will be there before I book my flight. I have already taken one step, though. I renewed my passport earlier today since that is more time sensitive than a flight...though the flight is going up in price every day and I don't want it to exceed the number of credit card miles I have. LOL

Eoin says that he may announce the first of the surprise guests tomorrow, and I've been obsessively checking his Twitter in case he says something. And I've been on my email and Google Talk constantly, so I will know the second Steve goes online or emails me back. I have my fingers and toes crossed. If Colin is going to be at this convention, I will get over my phobia of flying and go all the way to London just for the weekend to spend time with him, Eoin, Tom and anyone else from Merlin who shows up. I have faith that Steve is going to pull something amazing for me out of his hat should I come, especially since he knows I'm taking a special trip all the way from Boston to see them.

Wish me luck, because I think I may stop breathing at the sight of Colin Morgan in person, faint at the sound of his voice and die if he were to give me a hug. And you thought me meeting Blake Berris was cool? Oh gosh...meeting Blake has nothing on meeting Colin...nothing whatsoever. Picture your favorite actor of all time... Is it Brad Pitt? Benedict Cumberbatch? Jared Padalecki? George Clooney? Then picture yourself meeting him, spending time chatting, getting a hug...yeah. I'm dying with excitement and anticipation over here, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it if and when it happens. But don't worry, you'll know as soon as I get confirmation from Steve that I should be making my flight. You'll hear the scream all the way from Boston to wherever you are.

Update: I woke this morning to Eoin's announcement of the first special guest...who is Alexander Vlahos, who plays Mordred on Merlin!!! *goes into atrial tachycardia*

I may book my flight anyway (which came down in price since last night...woo!) because the suspense is killing me, and I actually happen to like Mordred...a lot. :-D
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