Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Golly, It's Actually Bigger!

I thought for sure my belly wouldn't have changed as much from 12 weeks to now, but for goodness sake it has!! Look at this (12 weeks on left, 14 weeks on right):

I mean really, people...if I continue like this then I'm going to look BIGGER than I did with the twins when I hit 40 weeks, and that's just not possible. lol I'm sure this has to slow down sometime, right? At 12 and 14 weeks with the twins, I was so much smaller. Look! (12 weeks on left, 14 weeks on right)

I started off looking like between my 14 or 16 week picture from last time. Check it out (14 weeks with twins on left, 12 weeks this pregnancy in middle, 16 weeks with twins on right):

I think I currently more resemble my 18 week picture from the twins. (18 weeks with twins on left, 14 weeks this pregnancy on right)

Geepers, I'm gonna be huge, and I'm still in awe that my belly is actually growing. It's so hard to see from day to day that it's getting bigger, but the pictures totally prove it. I'm growing something!! lol


  1. Wow, you really are growing!! I love belly pics, so keep them coming!

  2. From what I've heard you show much faster in a 2nd pregancy because your uterus is all 'primed.' I bet it will slow down in your 2nd trimester.

  3. Where is baby sitting? This can make a difference as well.

  4. Just a question....when does the bump actually how many weeks.

    You look glowing!