Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Present

I've been sooo bad about posting. Sorry about that! The twins had an evaluation with speech and audiology. The audiologist says that both of them hear perfectly. The speech person says that they're both at a 9-10 month level of cognition/understanding language, so of course they can't talk. You can't talk about things you don't understand, and you understand a lot more than you can talk about. Think of it like this, when you learn a second language it's a lot easier to understand what someone is saying than to actually speak, right? It's the same with babies. She said that we need to have Early Intervention come for an hour of therapy once a week for EACH of the twins. (So that's really two hours a week) That's the minimum...she'd love for more. She also wants to see Dovid in two weeks for a feeding evaluation because he's a skinny boy that hates eating. That should be fun. :-)

Now then, today is Auntie Beh's birthday! I'm not going to tell you how old she is today because she'd probably kill me. Anyway, in honor of Auntie Beh's birthday, I present to you a video I like to call "Dovid and the Mailbox". This was taped today! He received the mailbox from Grandma Peggy (that's my mom) as a present the last time she was in town a few weeks ago, and he *just* learned how to use it this week. This was a huge fine motor skill success. Enjoy!


Cate said...

The video is too cute, I love watching babies play.

I'm glad their hearing is normal, it makes it soooo much easier (and Dovid obviously hears you and is eating up the praise). We've been doing speech with Lex for 13 months and every week is a new learning process but it's fun too! If you need any advice or anything you know where to find me. I'm sure they'll catch on soon and you'll have them talking your ears off.

Have you noticed if Dovid is just refusing certain textures or is it pretty universal? I can send some sensory stuff if you want it, Lex has sensory processing problems, thankfully he wants to mouth everything so food isn't a problem just things like sand, rocks, dog toys lol.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I am so glad that the twins hearing is not an issue. Dovid looks so incredibly pleased with himself (as he should be!). THank you for sharing the video!

(I've missed reading your updates)

ssbean said...

Glad they are hearing good. I've been concerned about Ellie's lack of vocab. I know she hears great, and she follows directions most of the time, when she doesn't it's because her "adventure" is more important than being obedient. But she really only has a vocabulary with 3-5 words (counting mama and dada), which they said that's what she should be saying at 12months, but she's days short of 16months now.

WiseGuy said...

I enjoyed watching the kids....Dovid putting in the goodies, and Chana stomping around clapping.

Happy Birthday to Aunt Beh! And I hope the Intervention brings out wonderful results.

Gayby Rabies said...

What a cute video! Dovid looks so proud, and Chana is such an encouraging sister with her clapping!

Jamie said...

I love the video! Even if Dovid is a skinny boy, he looks so grown up playing with his mailbox. It is amazing to see how much they have changed.

I think the Early Intervention therapy will be fantastic. With the one-on-one time, I bet the babies will grow by leaps and bounds.

I'm happy to hear your pregnancy is progressing so well!! Take care of yourself. :-)