Thursday, July 22, 2010


New belly pic is up, and I want to do another comparison for you guys. (14 weeks on the left, 16 weeks on the right)

I think I only got a smidgen bigger, if at all. Well, I know I got a tiny bit bigger because I measured...but only a little bit. Yay, it's slowing down!

Here's a comparison with the last pregnancy. (18 weeks last preg on the left, 16 weeks this preg in the middle, 20 weeks last preg on the right)

I think I definitely look like my 18 week picture from last time, and I think the 20 week picture is even smaller than 18 weeks if that's possible. lol But anyway, it does seem to be slowing down since at 14 weeks I looked just about the same (as we can see.) Baby is growing perfectly, so no worries there!


WiseGuy said...

First of all, Happy Blogoversary!!!

Secondly, you look great!

Good Luck!

Eileen said...

You look fabulous girl!!! YAY for a fun baby belly!