Friday, March 26, 2010

HUUUUGE Giveaway

For those of you who don't already follow my The Twinners Reviews & Giveaways blog, I wanted you to know that I have a HUGE giveaway going on there right now! I'm giving away a Samsung Q2 MP3 Player to one lucky follower once I reach 100 followers. We're almost up to 50, so I am pretty confident that we'll make 100 before the contest is set to end (April 30th). Go on over and enter right now!!!!

I'm also going to be having a Family Game Month in April over on the giveaway blog. During Family Game Month I'll be giving away some classic games (like Monopoly and Connect 4). Once you follow my blog, make sure to check your Google Reader or sign up for emails so you'll be notified when that starts!

On another note, Dovid is now standing for longer and longer periods of time. I am SOOO proud of him! He even sort of took a step, but I think it was because he was catching his balance. hehe Chana is also testing her standing ability, but she doesn't stay standing as long as Dovid does without holding onto something. Go twinners!
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