Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Post to Make You Smile

So the holiday of Purim is all about the fact that the Jews survived almost certain death once again. This time the perpetrator was Haman (booo) who wanted to hang Mordechai because Mordechai had refused to bow down to him. He also wanted to kill all of the Jews everywhere. But in the end, it was Haman who was hanged (along with his sons) and the Jews survived (yay!)

Now then, we delivered mishloach manot (bags of goodies that are traditionally given on Purim to your friends and family) all around our neighborhood on Purim, and while walking down one of the streets that has a very large concentration of Orthodox Jews, I happened upon this:

As you can see, someone put a gallows with a dummy up on his porch. Nice, eh? It was a prop from the girls' high school play. I nearly fainted when I saw it. I love it when people get in the Purim spirit!

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