Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have been a terrible blogger lately. No posts in a week!! Geesh. Well, let me get you all up to speed...

We went to Baltimore and had a great time at the wedding. The flight down and back were both pretty smooth, for the most part. Not too much for me to freak out about and I got to watch some TV! :-)

While we were there, we had a great time with my sister, brother-in-law, his brother, and my sister & brother-in-law's foster son. Unfortunately there was a slight mishap with food...meaning that my au pair ate something and got food poisoning. Ooooopsie! So she was sick as a dog for Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday morning. Thank G-d she is doing fine now and recovered pretty well. On Saturday afternoon, Dovid started vomited his lunch and became clingy, since that was his only stomach upset, we didn't really think about it...until today. We left on Sunday, and I immediately started my homework for the next day! :-)

Yesterday I went to class, no biggie for me, but poor Ziva (our au pair) was stuck with a clingy Dovid. She last fed/changed him around 4:30pm, and then my hubby tried to feed him later around 7pm. He vomited the egg that he had eaten, and then vomited the formula Shmuel gave him. Shmuel got his outfit changed, but didn't change his diaper. He put Dovid in his crib and went to help Chana with something. When he got back to Dovid, Dovid was already asleep. He figured Dovid would wake up for a change and maybe to eat something, but he didn't until the morning. The twins got up to eat before 6am, and when Shmuel changed Dovid his diaper was wet, but not soaked as he would have expected it to be. Plus the fact that Dovid was being overly sleepy on the changing table. Shmuel then fed Dovid 3 ounces of formula, which was promptly vomited. Ooops. Now he's worried about dehydration...crap. I get up around 7:30am and see Shmuel's frantic note about Dovid. I then see Dovid wake up, get to a sitting position and then promptly fall over...not natural. Crap again. So I go upstairs to wake Ziva so she can take care of Dovid and I can get to school. I left and called the pediatrician's office for advice. They said to give him Pedialyte (only 1-2 tsp every 15-20 mins) to see if he could keep that down and to then come in later when we had a chance. I called a friend of mine who brought some Powerade over to Ziva to give to Dovid, which we were instructed by the pediatrician to dilute since it's not Pedialyte. :-) Ziva then dutifully followed the instructions, except for one thing...she mistook a tablespoon for a teaspoon and ended up giving Dovid 3-6 times what he was supposed to be getting. Heh oops! Luckily Dovid kept it all down anyway. We went to the pediatrician during my break between classes, and unfortunately had to wait so long that poor Ziva had to walk the twins home... Luckily she is a really fast walker and got home in 20 mins. WOW! That was like a 2 mile walk, too. Geez, like superwoman! Anyhoo, I went to class and then came home to give Ziva a break. I told her to go take a well-deserved nap for as long as she needed, and I would take care of the twins. Chana then took a nap, and Dovid fell asleep in my arms. Very sweet. :-) When they woke up, I wanted to feed Chana something, so I sat both of them in their booster seats. I gave Chana some kiwi and brought a bottle to Dovid. Dovid was having none of that! He wanted REAL FOOD RIGHT NOW. heh So I made him some toast. He gobbled up a few small pieces, and I gave the rest to Chana. He kept that down along with an ounce or so of formula. Later on Shmuel gave him another 2.5 ounces of formula, which he's kept down as well. He's also acting more like himself; playing and smiling.

So far so good! Maybe tomorrow he'll get some banana and some more toast. Any ideas on good foods while recovering from a stomach bug?


  1. Phew....one has too be so careful about children and look out for the smallest signs...I am happy that Dovid got over the bout....sending much health vibes to both the kids...and Ziva appears to be fantastic.

  2. rice is good after a stomach bug and of course saltine crackers. just very bland food.

  3. Whoa, what a scary read that was! I'm so relieved that little Dovid is okay. Amazing how quickly he bounced back! (Guess that's why he's your bouncing baby boy).