Monday, January 4, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Let's update:

New Au Pair:

Awesome, fantastic, sweet, amazing, etc. Yeah, she's all that AND she watched M*A*S*H with me. Life just doesn't get any better. She is good with the kids; even Chana likes her. :-) She's into medical stuff, so I could tell her about my fistula and the birth and she was eating it all up. She likes Monty Python, so she gets my Monty Python references! She spends her time in the living room rather than in her own room, so we actually get to interact together. I enjoy her so much that I spend MORE time with the twins...because I want to help her and I want to be with her, and I get the sense that she enjoys being with me. It's win-win. Her name is Ziva, so you'll hear me talk about her I'm sure.


Dovid can now say "mama" although I don't know if he actually knows what he's saying. But he goes "mamamamama" or "babababa". I'm just glad he's finally using consonants! Chana babbles, but she doesn't do consonants in a row like Dovid does; she just makes silly sounds. They both had a routine checkup with the eye doctor and both passed with flying colors. The eye doc said to wash Chana's clogged tear duct eye with diluted baby shampoo and let her rub it, because any massage it gets can help to clear it. She encouraged us to massage it as well.


The whole family went to spend the weekend with our friend Bill and his boys. We all had a great time and ate very well (i.e. raspberry babka, chocolate babka, Crembos, tongue...mmmmm). The only issue was the twins sleeping in our room...they kept us awake a lot more than they do at home. Yeah, now I'm really glad we didn't do co-sleeping or we'd never get any sleep. Every time they'd wake up and whimper, we'd have to get out of bed and feed, change and/or soothe them. But at home, we don't hear the whimpers, only the sincere cries. MUCH better situation.
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