Thursday, January 28, 2010

Liquid Vitamins

I’m considering changing my multivitamin and came across something I’d never even thought about. Apparently they have liquid vitamins for adults. I asked myself, why on earth would an adult take a liquid vitamin? Wouldn’t it taste gross? Aren’t pills better? Apparently not… They do make liquid vitamins that taste good and your body actually absorbs it up to 700% better than pills. I found a vitamin that basically has everything my body needs (vitamins and minerals like Co-Q10, Whole Grape Extract, Bioflavinoids, Phytonutrients, Antioxidents, Fatty Acids, etc.) It’s called TruWell’s LMV Gold. I learned that the average American diet, laden with highly processed, refined foods, is deficient in many vital nutrients, and that these deficiencies may lead to certain harmful conditions. That’s scary stuff, especially since my diet is absolutely horrific. (Sugar Free Reeses’s PB Cups, anyone?) So taking a multivitamin that actually delivers nutrients into my body is SO important. I’m glad I found something so complete and easy to take!

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